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North's eyewash solution is a buffered, sterile isotonic solution with a pH close to that of human tears.


Q. Can I use eyewash bottles instead of a shower?
A. The solution is meant to supplement self-plumbed or self-contained drenching facilities. They can be used when the victim is on their way to a shower or facility. They do not take the place of a 15-minute eyewash flushing facility.

Q. How do I know when North eyewash is no longer effective?
A. There is a date stamped on every bottle. The expiration date is 3 years from the date of manufacture.

Q. Does the solution freeze?
A. North eyewash solution will freeze after spending 14 hours at 20°F.

Q. Should I use eye cups for emergency first aid?
A. North discourages the use of eye cups for the following reasons:

1. Eye cups encourage multiple use of a product. Some products, when opened, may not remain sterile.
2. Our product is designed to flush the eye or affected area. This means putting enough fluid in the eye to completely wash out and dilute any irritants many times over.  Eye cups have a tendency to dilute whatever is in the eye, but they do not flush out the irritant as quickly.
3. There is no guarantee that contaminants will not remain in the used eye cup. Used cups are not sterile.


Q. Can I clean and refill North eyewash bottles at my facility?
A. No. North eyewash is sealed in a sterile environment and comes to the customer with a tamper-evident seal. When self-filling eyewash bottles are used there is no control over what is put into the empty bottle. If tap water is used for filling bottles, the risk of having organisms, such as acanthamoeba, as well as chemicals in the tap water is present. If distilled water is used the risk is even greater, as distilled water does not contain chlorine. Without chlorine to kill organisms, distilled water provides a very hospitable medium for bacteria growth.

For more information about our eyewash or other first aid lines, contact our friendly and knowledgeable Technical Support Specialists today at 1-800-430-4110 or contact us at

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