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Series Or Product Number - 822K- 800 Series Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
822K 30 Minute SCBA

SCBA's provide the wearer with the highest level of respiratory protection available. Because the cylinders are worn on the back of the worker, the SCBA's are completely portable, enabling the worker the maximum mobility for crucial applications such as emergency response or rescue. The 800 Series utilizes the North soft silicone full facepiece design with dual sealing flange, oral / nasal cup and polycarbonate lens with greater than 200° field of vision.

Features and Benefits

  • Utilizes either a thirty or sixty minute cylinder containing pressurized air which is delivered "on demand" to the facepiece.
  • The reducer / regulator has only three moving parts, a "fail-open" design and protective housing.
  • The demand valve is a "First Breath Release" design, and provides greater than 300 liters per minute upon peak inhalation.
  • The Kevlar®* / Nomex®* / PBI®** harness and back plate assembly is designed for comfort and proper weight distribution during the most rigorous jobs.
  • A patended speaking diaphragm / exhalation valve assembly offers clear intelligible voice transmission.
  • Comes equipped with a luminous pressure gauge, stainless steel whistle assembly and locking quick-connects.
  • All 800 Series SCBA's include a carrying case. A wall mounting case can be purchased separately.

*Kevlar and Nomex are registered trademarks of Dupont Company.
** PBI is a Registered trademark of Hoechst Celanese Company Corp.

Large Image Available
822K 30 Minute SCBA (2216 psi, Aluminum Cylinder)
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85400A Series Face. Repl, Parts ViewDownload
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800 Series SCBA Instruction Manual.pdf ViewDownload

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